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Mystic Jungle – JPEG File Download


Bringing the harmony of sacred geometry into your everyday life.

Product Description

Your purchase is for the download of a high resolution 17×11 inch JPEG file in horizontal (landscape) format.

A bonus high resolution 11×17 inch JPEG file in the vertical format (portrait) will be included in your order. The portrait format is more suitable for some printing needs while landscape is better for others.

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Mystic Jungle : Adventure. Exploration. Discovery.

The Star Gate Collection illustrates a series of continuous, timeless, universal actions that are otherwise invisible and can only be known to us through geometry. Following Pythagoras’ analogy of geometry as visual music, the images may be contemplated as visual symphonies, where the shapes are the instruments and the colors the music.

Each image  is given a name in a similar way to how a composer names his or her symphony. A name helps identify the symphony and contains something about it, but barely touches the depth of what is expressed.

The images have been named in a similar manner, followed by a few more descriptive words below them that relate to a particular essence the artist wanted to capture with the color arrangements and pictorial blends.




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