The STARGATE COLLECTION by Jonathan Quintin

In addition to geometry’s role as an organizing principle of nature, there is a field of geometry that exists beyond the physical plane. This field of geometry can only be accessed through human consciousness. It is an omniscient, amorphous field of mathematical potential. It reveals a universe of profound order, sublime beauty and limitless possibilities. It demonstrates how an infinite number of perfectly ordered geometric formations can be produced from a few mathematical principles.

It is something that has fascinated the human mind for thousands of years and appears in the art and architecture in one form or another in the majority of both advanced and indigenous civilizations. In a sense the geometries may be considered as algorithms emanating from the source of creation, describing continuous, timeless, universal actions that are otherwise invisible and can only be known to us through geometry.

The Stargate Collection provides a means for us to engage with this natural order. When we hold these images in our thoughts we engage with the wisdom of nature and the harmony of universal order. We have a natural affinity to these geometries because they contain the same ratios and proportions that we contain within in us and that can be found throughout nature.

Pythagoras described geometry as visual music. He demonstrated how the same ratios of the musical scale also appear in geometry. The same ratios between the musical intervals of the Pythagorean scale are the same ratios found in the shapes and forms of geometry. With music they are measured in time, with geometry they are measured in space.

Following Pythagoras’ analogy, the Stargate Collection may be likened to visual symphonies, where the shapes represent the instruments and the colors the music. Some of the patterns in the collection have been used more than once but colored differently, and work in a similar way to how the same orchestra can play different symphonies.

Each image in the selection is given a name in a similar way to how a composer names his or her symphony. A name helps identify the symphony and contains something about it, but barely touches the depth of what is expressed. The Star Gate images have been named in a similar manner, followed by a few more words that describe a particular essence the artist wanted to capture with the color arrangements and pictorial blends.

Consciously engaging with the geometries can help foster a sense of inner peace and serenity.  The process can help us live more in accord with the subtle rhythms and cycles of nature. It can help open us to the greater whole and expand our consciousness and actualize more of our potential.