The purpose of this website is to help bring sacred geometry into your everyday life. It provides a selection of high resolution JPEG files you can purchase and download to use in dozens of ways. Having the images present in your daily life can help you connect with the natural rhythms and cycles of life as well as your true self.


Your purchase is for the download of a high resolution 17×11 inch JPEG file in landscape (horizontal) format. It includes a bonus high resolution 11×17 inch JPEG file in portrait (vertical) format. The portrait format is more suitable for some printing needs while landscape is better for others. Examples are given further in the demonstration that follows.

Please note: the products shown on this site (mugs, phone cases, etc.) are not included in your purchase. No products are sold from this site other that JPEG downloads and Video download (MP4 file). The products are only shown as examples of what you can do with your JPEG file.


Once you have purchased and received your JPEG  download there are dozens of things you can print it on. Depending on where you live, you may be able to get your file printed locally (google “printing services” in your area). Otherwise, you can get it printed online.

The demonstration that follows is through  who print onto a wide range of products and ship worldwide. Click here to see the dozens of products you can print your design onto through them.

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Let’s say you chose the Merkaba image. In addition to the horizontal JPEG your order includes a complimentary JPEG file of the Merkaba portrait format.  

Demonstration 1. shows how to print the horizontal version onto a laptop cover.

Demonstration 2. shows how to print the portrait version onto a phone cover. 


merkaba demo


Demonstration 1. Horizontal version printed onto laptop cover.


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