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If your answer is yes, then this video will enforce your view.

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Jonathan takes the audience on a math-magical mystery tour  through inner space to experience the amazing world of sacred geometry. He reveals a profound order that pervades the universe and explains how we can benefit from this natural order.

Sacred geometry is the blueprint of creation and provides a means for us to understand universal law and cosmic order. It describes continuous, timeless, universal actions that are otherwise invisible and can only be known to us through geometry.

The main focus of the presentation is the golden ratio: a universal principle that guides the dance of energy and matter into limitless states of manifestation. It is the golden thread that weaves its way through the tapestry of creation uniting diverse and contrasting elements into a harmonious whole.

We have a natural affinity to the golden ratio because we embody it within us right down to our DNA. It is a key that can help us live more in accord with the subtle rhythms and cycles of nature. It can help us open to the greater whole, expand our consciousness and actualize more of our potential.

“This is literally one of the most profoundly brilliant presentations and presenters that I have ever experienced in my entire life! It could not be a timelier event with the rapid transformations and mystical changes that are occurring. This is bridging the mystical realms that some only esoterically feel, know and sense… with proven scientific research that is powerfully connecting and deepening the relationship and knowledge with the Divine Planner and the Creators that we are. Jonathan is a true master and in his zone of genius, I am so excited he is sharing his gift. He is one of the foremost experts in the entire world on the subject of sacred geometry. 

Janna May. San Diego


“Jonathan is the most brilliant sacred mathematician I know. He sees things no-one else sees and expresses them so beautifully”.

Patrick Flanagan. Scientist.


“There is something very mysterious and special about the work Jonathan is doing. At some point during the presentation I felt an intense sense of bliss and my heart radiating pure love. That’s how much joy his art work brought to my soul. Jonathan is a true alchemist”.

Dream Rockwell. Director Lucent Dossier


  • Nassim Haramein.
  • Tim Griffen. Editor.
  • Dr Jeffrey Thompson. Musician.
  • Shea Thompson. Sound engineer.
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